The Otio Collective is a community of effective, like-minded people exploring ways to redefine ‘work’.

We're a digital talent pool, restructuring how teams operate and redefining our relationship with work. We're centred around a desire to work on more purposeful initiatives.

We work on projects that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals; 17 goals designed to improve quality of life for the worlds most disadvantaged people, and future generations.

Opportunities to work for (or to create) high impact organisations are rare, as are opportunities to define one’s own role, to organise ourselves, and to work on projects of interest. At Otio, we collaborate to make these opportunities happen.

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Updated February 2022

A little more about Otio —

The Roman philosopher Seneca understood the word otio to represent something more than absolute free time. He understood it to mean leisure used in service to the community by intellectual activity.

There’s nothing we do with as much regularity, intensity and unquestioned submission as work.

Jamie McCallum
The Tyranny of Work

Our members are demanding better than the status quo on how to do work.

Our vision is to create and deliver products, services, and organisations aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our members are both the source of new ideas and the talent pool to work on existing ideas.

We challenge hierarchies and power imbalances.

We experiment with freedom and variety by easily joining, contributing to, and leaving projects.

We have purpose and fun working in passionate, high-performing teams.

Interested in doing more with your free time?

Suggested reading —

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